When we view data, sometimes we notice contamination and changes in data, especially further out along the edges of the radar’s vision. Some of those gaps don’t overlap, creating radar holes. See those colored circles? That’s a radar hole, where there is very limited or negligible […]
It’s been a bit of a gap between the third edition and this one, but oh well! A PEP Hurricane Warning? Guam’s EAS is quite…interesting. Recently, SOMEBODY issued a Hurricane Warning, but it was issued as “Primary Entry Point” (PEP). We’ve never really seen anything like […]
Jon discusses EAS test results, and changes coming to NWR.
Midland HH54VP2 receiving WZ2561 in Cruz Bay, USVI. Waiting for the weekly EAS test.
Jon goes to the USVI and discusses the Montana CAE test, and more!
A list of updates and notes from Jon's Journal!