EAS Test Calendar

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The calendar below contains dates and times for: monthly tests, drills, and other significant EAS tests.
Test times are derived from official schedules (or observations) and are subject to change.
Times are displayed in Eastern or Pacific time.


National EAS Tests

  • National tests of the EAS typically occur once a year. These are announced in advance by the FCC.
  • It is mandatory for all radio/TV stations (with few exceptions) to relay the test.
  • In most cases, stations will interrupt normal programming to relay the national EAS test.
  • Most recent national tests did not activate emergency alerts on cell phones, but this is subject to change.
  • The national EAS test isn’t perfect: some areas may not receive the test, some stations may relay the test with distorted audio, and others may have no audio. These problems could affect an entire state.
  • For additional information on nationwide EAS tests and other news, check here.

Monthly EAS Tests

  • Most radio/TV stations are required to relay a full EAS test once per month.
  • Monthly tests are typically conducted at a state or local level. The test may be originated by a radio/TV station, civil authorities, or other designated officials.
  • The FCC recommends monthly tests occur during the day on odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.) and during the night on even-numbered months (February, April, etc.). Some areas may deviate from these time constraints.
  • Stations must relay the monthly test within 1 hour of receiving it. In general, most stations will relay the test immediately.
  • In most cases, stations will interrupt normal programming to relay the monthly test, but some stations (particularly TV stations) may wait to send the test during a commercial break.
  • Monthly tests typically DO NOT include activation of emergency alerts on cell phones.
  • For more information about monthly tests in your area, please see the table below.

Weekly EAS Tests

  • Most radio/TV stations are required to send a short EAS test once a week.
  • Weekly tests are usually sent at a random day and time, although some stations have a pattern.
  • Some stations may play a short announcement regarding the test, but many stations will play the weekly test without warning (and interrupt normal programming).
  • A few stations might send 2 or more tests in a week, usually relaying another station’s tests. While not a violation, this is usually a sign of poorly configured EAS equipment.
  • For stations that have weekly test patterns, this information can be found in the EAS Database.
  • NOAA Weather Radio stations usually send a weekly test every Wednesday between 11 AM and noon local time (some stations may deviate from this pattern). Contact your local National Weather Service office for more information.
  • Weatheradio Canada stations usually send a weekly test every Wednesday near noon local time.
  • The national IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) sends weekly tests every Monday at 11 AM local time, separated by timezones. This is an internal test and usually not seen/heard by the public.
  • Other state and local authorities may send additional EAS tests at any time. Some tests might activate emergency alerts on cell phones.