Tune to a variety of online streams to listen to NPAS alerts across the country.

About the NPAS Map:

  • This map is used to access radio station streams that relay NPAS alerts. The majority of stations on this map are only known to relay tests.
  • In general, NPAS alerts are not directly related to weather alerts from Environment Canada.
    Furthermore, NPAS can be activated for any variety of both weather and non-weather alerts.
    Therefore, stations on this map should not be treated in the same manner as those on the EAS map.
  • It can be reasonably assumed that most stations will relay both tests and alerts, and the coverage area of a station can extend much further than expected.
  • Streams are sorted by province/territory and are grouped by major city. The stream link or website will be provided for each station. Note that some streams are geoblocked to users in the United States.

Last Updated: 4/25/23 (version 1.0.0)

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