About GWES

Founded on Facebook on August 21, 2015, GWES originally started its days out as the Weather and EAS Community 2015 (WEC15), later transitioning into the International Weather and EAS Aficionados (IWEA), and finally into its current identity. Over the years, GWES has expanded widely to nearly 400 members worldwide, adding a Discord server, various different “divisions”, and building out a staff team comprised of various different members of the EAS community with vast amounts of knowledge and experience.

GWES Discord server: https://discord.gg/epCdQP2
GWES Facebook group: Paused Indefinitely

GWES Twitter: https://twitter.com/GWESOfficial
GWES YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GlobalWeatherEASSociety

Global Weather and EAS Society Staff

– Isaiah
– Kyle (heatcats)
– Paul (Paulge#3997), GWES Leader
– Mat (SkyWaveBirdDX#1663), Leader Emeritus

Senior Admins:
– Drew (EAStestfan25#8845)
– Gabriel (Physics Prop#0666), GWES Co-Leader; ERN Network Operations Manager
– Liam (LB2234#2790), ERN Administrator
– Nicholas (dewpoint8900#5742), Website Designer
– Patrick (phw115wvwx#3505)
– Trevor (trevorwarren452#9197)
– Vincent (vincentmaggard#6015)

– Blaine (KFC Chicken#9995)
– Cameron (Camtheman65WX#0001)
– Emma (Metacity#5625)
– Javier (NorCalDude599#8480)
– J.T. (Shore#4999)
– Radio (RadioactiveGirl00#2000)

– Aaron (Tails#9752)
– Austin (NorthUtahWX/EAS#7179)
– Chase (Pancake#7768)
– Clay/Michael (ClayRanger143#9544)
– Fortress Ironhold (Fortress Ironhold#2538)

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