Hi there! I’m Jon! You might know me as the person who runs WJON IP Radio and questions the DC EAS plan, but today I’ll be sharing some stuff that I’ve been writing down to bring up about weather and EAS!

Please note, this list might not be complete, as I get things to talk about on this segment periodically.

The Ohio EMA recently sent out a weekly test message with the Gettysburg Address in it. Personally, I think they were testing their ability to send alerts with custom audio and a generated TTS message, even as Ohio continues their usage of an internal microwave relay chain for civil alerts.

An EAS alert from a SAGE 3644. Image shows CAP test, EAS data, and the Gettysburg address.
EAS alert received from Ohio on a blue box

The NWS is announcing some changes to marine/public/fire zones for its products and forecasts. These changes don’t go into effect for another few months, but it’s a lot more updates to WFOs than usual one or two(Garrett and Cecil counties, anyone?).

No word on a 2023 NPT yet! FEMA indicated that it would be early 2023, so we may find out soon!

GWES is beginning to receive RMT schedules for the 2023 year. Some areas are posting schedules (Alaska, Michigan, Texas), while some are dependent on patterns in their respective state EAS plans (Virginia). The Eastern and Western calendars will be updated accordingly as information is received.

Have a test we haven’t noted yet? Post it on our Discord server!

The NWS is expanding partial county alerting Nationwide in 2023. While a list of counties/areas/WFOs have not been released for implementation, you can imagine how that will change some very large counties in rural areas.

Criteria/Relays Journal:

  • DMX did not tone the WSWs issued on 12/20/2022
  • FEMA iPAWS Weekly tests had technical issues 12/12/2022
  • NJ did NOT send their RMT on schedule 12/20/2022
  • West Virginia issued an AMBER Alert over CAP, didn’t format it well, and then sent RLX their NWEM. Close enough.
  • St. Louis local RMTs may no longer be scheduled or run (RWTs received weekly).
  • SW VA after a 2 month hiatus sent a local RMT.


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