On Dec. 14, 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced changes to the onboarding process of new members. These changes are part of a series of changes focused on the growth of the EAS and Weather communities.

Previously, members were required to complete a series of questions to be allowed admission. This form was met with criticism in recent years, as the process is restrictive, and intimidating to those new to the community. With these new changes, GWES will be utilizing native Discord features, to make a clean, and simple onboarding process.

These changes will allow new members, including those new to the community, to join the GWES Discord easier. This will allow new members of the community to connect with those with similar interests.

Improving the security of GWES, using native Discord features, will now be possible, now that the registration role no longer exists.

During onboarding, new members will now be required only to interact with the server, after reading the policies and guidelines. This is to ensure that bots would not be able to enter the server. GWES Staff will then grant the Members role to that user.

GWES believes these changes will continue to improve, and grow the EAS and Weather communities for years to come.


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