UPDATE: The GWES ERN Podcast has been cancelled due to production difficulties.

If you are a listener of the GWES ERN Podcast, you may be wondering to yourself, “I wonder how they create each episode?”

It all starts with an idea. For the podcast, GWES has a private Discord server strictly for production. We utilize this server to organize all ideas, along with discussions.

Most of the time, we scour the internet for any news from FEMA, or the FCC. Whenever we find something interesting, we will throw it into our pool of topic ideas. Before we record, our four producers, which consist of Cameron, Skylar, Ana, and Marley, pick a few topics from our pool to talk about.

After we pick an idea, we find if we need to gather additional information. Most of our podcast is enthusiasts talking about a specific topic, which reduces on time needed to put together a show.

When our show topics are put together, the team is ready to record. GWES utilizes riverside.fm services to record the podcast, especially because participants are scattered across the United States and Canada.

After a recording session, those files are brought into Adobe Audition, and post production effects are applied. During this time, some segments, or bits may be taken out entirely. This is to improve the quality of our final product when all is said and done.

After our final product is finished, the episode is sent to our distribution provider. At this point, you will see the new episode on all podcast platforms!

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