While I type this on a busy evening, I wonder how weather radio is so complicated. Unfortunately for me, it’s going to get even more complicated. Also, I have been informed that WTOP tested correctly in January, which is surprising.

The NWS is expanding the time limit for NWR alerts to 99 and a half hours (+9930). This works for both civil alerts and three day long flood warnings (because those exist)

The Montana AMBER Alert test was a success, however it did NOT tone over weather radio, instead reading out on the cycle.

Maryland sent out one of their RMT’s over EMNet and not iPAWS, but for some reason most stations still relayed it.

No new NWS or FCC announcements

EAS Criteria and Relayer Journal:

  • I still haven’t gotten a USVI monthly EAS test (how)
  • Guam’s schedule is inconsistent still
  • WRBS FM in Maryland now has HD Emergency Alerts support. Now if I could figure out what they relayed, that’d be great (this is NOT WRBS AM)
  • South Carolina probably still uses daisy chain (good luck)
  • Has anyone gotten a RMT from Wyoming yet?


I recently got in touch with a local member of Emergency Management, and SOMEHOW they agreed to hopefully schedule me an iPAWS lab tour? Who knows? Stay tuned!


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