The Global Weather & EAS Society released it’s biggest changes to the look of the community in it’s history on Tuesday.

A late night vote within the GWES staff ended in the approval to terminate all of our old branding, in favor of the new one. Shortly after the clock struck midnight, the GWES Leadership Council got to work, locking down our Discord channels, and creating a finished product that many have come to love in the first day online.

This branding refresh comes as GWES finishes up a series of changes regarding operations, putting a focus on the future. We believe this new look will help propel GWES, along with other groups, into the future as a leader in the Weather/EAS community.

This new logo, which drops the “G” and “S” from the previous logo, was built to signify our ever growing focus on Weather and EAS.

When the appearance division of the leadership council set out to find where our new logo would come from, we turned to the outside, commissioning a designer to help us on our mission to become new, while retaining our past.

With all of these changes though, many are concerned that GWES is changing more. We can assure you that no more major changes are on the agenda for quite a while, so rest assured that the GWES that you know, is the one you still get, but with a fresh look.

To everyone in the Weather/EAS community that have stuck by our sides since 2015, thank you. We could have never imagined where we would be now many years back.