A potentially significant tornado outbreak is possible today across the central Great Plains into western areas of the Corn Belt. Forecast courtesy of: KRZY A deep cold core 500mbar closed low will shift towards central Nebraska this afternoon, with an attendant surface low stacked vertically underneath. […]
Summary A very complex scenario is set to unfold across the Southern Plains into the Upper Mississippi Valley. During the late morning hours a low pressure system will be orientated across South Dakota. Dew points will begin to rise into lower 60s as a southernly flow […]
The severe threat for the Great Plains is increasing with time. More information below. It appears evident that synoptic lift is occurring, and the convectively reinforced warm front is washing out very nicely with a large pool of mid 60s dewpoints already in place. Proximity profiles […]
Summary A very active and significant four day severe weather sequence is forecasted for portions of Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Additional severe threats exist with lesser certainty in Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. A very large hail and conditional tornado threat exists today […]
The oldest and most well-known enthusiast relay network is joining the GWES family, turning a new page in the program’s history. Starting Jan 26, the Nationwide Encoder Relay Program (NERP) has merged its operations into the Global Weather & EAS Society’s EAS Relay Network (GWES ERN). […]
In an interesting turn of events, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at the joint filing request of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and REC Networks (REC), has delayed the implementation of the new Part 11 regulations regarding Emergency Alert System operations for a subset of […]
WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) will be getting improvements due to recent improvements in reliability, accessibility, and clarity. Read more in the next episode of Jon's Journal!
The Global Weather & EAS Society’s EAS Relay Network (ERN) showed a very strong performance with the 2023 National EAS test, with almost all participants reporting no issues. Out of 16 total participants: One participant reported failure to receive the test was caused by an issue […]
When we view data, sometimes we notice contamination and changes in data, especially further out along the edges of the radar’s vision. Some of those gaps don’t overlap, creating radar holes. See those colored circles? That’s a radar hole, where there is very limited or negligible […]
A representative for the Federal Emergency Management Agency has confirmed to GWES dates for a national test of both the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts. The live test of both systems is planned to take place on October 4, with a backup test date […]
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