Sources from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed to radio news outlet Inside Radio that a national Emergency Alert System (EAS) test will occur this year. This comes after a year-long pause in 2022.

In the article posted by Inside Radio, the FCC has not yet determined a date for the test. “A date will be announced when the test date is confirmed,” the article states.

The FCC stated publicly that the test in 2022 was skipped by design. The agency stated that the gap would allow them to develop a new survey system to monitor results of national tests. This includes both EAS tests, along with Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) tests.

The survey would be completed by members of the public, with results forwarded to broadcasters, along with companies within the wireless industry. Director of the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Antwane Johnson said the survey results could help improve alerting and warning capabilities.

The first national EAS test, which was held in 2011, is considered by many to be a major failure, highlighting problems within the EAS chain. National tests have occurred annually since then, with notable exceptions in 2020 and 2022.

The national EAS test has also been a staple in the EAS community every time it has occurred. It is considered by some to be the biggest nationwide event within the community.

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