On December 5th 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced changes that focus on the health and future of the EAS community as a whole, changing away from a hierarchal staff model, to a council model.

In these new changes, a new Leadership Council has been established, removing a single person from taking full power, while also pairing some of the strongest minds in the EAS & Weather communities together to lead GWES in this new era.

This new model of leadership should help GWES take the community as a whole to a new goal. GWES Staff has been following a specific line for months now: “We should be number one in reputation, not number of members.” said Patrick, a GWES Senior Administrator.

The Leadership Council gives each of the five members a specific responsibility. These new responsibilities include: Appearance and Relations, Member Management, Moderation, Policy and Guidelines, and a new GWES ERN position.

This comes as former GWES Leader Paul announced in a statement to the GWES Staff that he would be stepping down from his leadership position, while staying a part of GWES. Paul and Cameron were the driving forces in implementing these changes, as they should benefit the EAS & Weather community in a majorly positive way.

GWES in its past has been far from being the most moral, or most reputable group in the community, due to prior leadership. This all changes. In our new model of leadership, we aim to repair the broken reputation that GWES has gained over the years, while focusing on driving the EAS & Weather communities into a new era, where drama can cease, and we can all enjoy the hobby together.

GWES also announced who has been appointed to the Leadership Council, along with an addition to the staff.

Cameron Seaman will take on the Appearance and Relations role in the council, from an Administration position,
Patrick will take on the Member Management role in the council, from a Senior Administration position,
Paul will step down from GWES leader to take on the Policy and Guidelines position in the council,
Skylar will take on the GWES ERN position in the council, from being the GWES Co-Leader,
Emma will take on the final position of Moderation, coming from an Administration position.