Image showing the new tagline for GWES, along with new color schemes.

With new changes happening around the Global Weather & EAS Society, especially in the backend, including changes to operations, a new look was brought into the community in the beginning of December 2022.

With the increase of inspiration in the staff to reform, and create a new identity for the community, GWES staff have come together to find new ways to improve the look and feel of every element of the Discord server, along with the website.

In these new changes, GWES has changed its tagline from the old, and dull “Click. Join. Love.” element, to a brand new tagline, or two, however you see it. “We are your home for everything EAS, weather, and so much more since 2015.”

Along with the new design changes, a whole website redesign was implemented, improving the clarity, and ability for GWES to make resources more readily available for the public to view. No part of the website went untouched in these changes, but no information was lost, keeping all of the prior resources that we offered.

GWES has been a significant driving force in the EAS and Weather enthusiast communities since early 2015, with nearly 500 members currently. Since around 2017, GWES appearance has remained mostly unchanged. This longevity of our old appearance has inspired us to retire the old look, and these new changes will be propagated across our platforms shortly.

Coming soon in late 2022, or early 2023, members can expect a major announcement regarding operations of GWES, along with some exciting changes, that our staff have been working on for months.