EAS/NPAS Streaming Stations

This page contains an exhaustive list of radio (and a few TV) stations that play EAS/NPAS alerts through internet streaming.
The map below allows you to tune in to EAS/NPAS alerts across a majority of the United States and Canada.
Updates will be made to this page frequently as new additions and revisions are made.

NOTE: Station streams may be unavailable, change platforms, or go defunct permanently without prior notice. Likewise, other stations may stop relaying EAS alerts on their streams.
You need may need to refresh the frame below to ensure the webpage is up to date.

Weather and/or Civil* alerts
Test alerts only
NOAA Weather Radio

See individual stations for more specific alert criteria. While station EAS criteria varies greatly, it can be assumed that all stations send the following alerts (per FCC guidelines):
Canadian stations are intended to relay all varieties of alerts, but the bare minimum would be periodic tests.

To view calendars and dates for EAS Required Monthly Tests, periodic NPAS tests, and other drills/tests; check here.

NOAA Weather Radio streams are provided by third-party operators. Sources of NWR streams can be found on Broadcastify and noaaweatherradio.org. Due to rapid changes in stream availability, the addition or removal of streams may be delayed.

All information for stations is derived from eyewitness accounts and may not be up-to-date or accurate. For new station discoveries and/or updates on station info, please use the #eas-collective channel on the GWES Discord or contact a member of staff.

*Civil alerts may include any non-weather emergencies such as: nuclear attacks, amber alerts, 911 telephone outages, and others. These alerts are generally uncommon, with the frequency and type of alerts varying by state and/or local jurisdictions.

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