GWES ERN operates using a wide variety of both locally hosted hardware, hosted in the Seattle area, as well as cloud hosts. In this edition of Inside Look, we look into how ERN utilizes different forms of infrastructure to power the network.

Infrastructure, located in the cloud, spans multiple data centers across the United States. Powered by DigitalOcean, the network runs the centralized Icecast system, along with other systems. Icecast is a media streaming platform that powers the internet streams for the participants.

Within the Icecast instance, ERN utilizes an uptime monitor to internally monitor when participant streams become unavailable.

The GWES ERN website is operated using DigitalOcean. Across all GWES divisions, we utilize ApisCP as a management platform, with our websites run through WordPress.

One of ERN’s most powerful tools is the in-house GWES ERN Assistant. It was developed entirely in-house, as well as maintained in-house. This allows for automation of important tasks throughout ERN, including participant status updates, and Icecast uptime monitoring.

Using locally hosted equipment, the Coordinated Hub for Relay Participants is run (ERN/CHRP). This station utilizes the WACN Technologies ASMARA ENDEC to monitor all network participants, to allow those with limited monitors to get alerts from the whole network.

One of the most unique features that ERN has, is the phone system. Yes, ERN runs a full, business-class phone system for participants that wish to use it. The phone system allows for fast, and efficient communications between participants, and the public.

If you are interested in joining the GWES ERN Discord server, please click on the invite link on the homepage!