The Global Weather & EAS Society released it’s public EAS resources for the 2023 calendar year Sunday. Along with these resources, GWES has also made some changes to improve the user experience on the website. The testing calendars and EAS map have been GWES’s flagship resources […]
GWES ERN operates using a wide variety of both locally hosted hardware, hosted in the Seattle area, as well as cloud hosts. In this edition of Inside Look, we look into how ERN utilizes different forms of infrastructure to power the network. Infrastructure, located in the […]
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You may have heard the term “GWES Media” thrown around lately. You may ask yourself, “what in the world is GWES Media?” We take an inside look into who they are, and what they do for the community! Who makes it up? With new changes across […]
Image showing the logo for GWES ERN
The GWES EAS Relay Network (GWES ERN) is a sophisticated group of internet radio stations with the power to relay EAS alerts for almost anywhere in the country. You may ask yourself “How do they pull that off?” History of the Network First, we should look […]
On Dec. 18, 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced the creation of a new staff division, along with the first member in that position. In GWES’s recent efforts to improve its appearance and influence in the EAS/Weather community, a new GWES Media division has […]
Image showing the new tagline for GWES, along with new color schemes.
On Dec. 14, 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced changes to the onboarding process of new members. These changes are part of a series of changes focused on the growth of the EAS and Weather communities. Previously, members were required to complete a series […]
On December 6th 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced the newest staff member to the group. Anastasia is the newest Moderator to GWES. Ana is currently the GWES ERN’s Network Development Lead. Ana has been the center of many products, which benefit ERN. Her […]
If you are a listener of the GWES ERN Podcast, you may be wondering to yourself, “I wonder how they create each episode?” It all starts with an idea. For the podcast, GWES has a private Discord server strictly for production. We utilize this server to […]
On December 5th 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced changes that focus on the health and future of the EAS community as a whole, changing away from a hierarchal staff model, to a council model. In these new changes, a new Leadership Council has […]
The Federal Communications Commission announced new dates for EAS changes, regarding accessibility and understandability. Back in September of this year, the FCC adopted a Report and Order that will require EAS participants to transmit IPAWS-CAP versions of messages, rather than the legacy EAS format. The EAN […]