On Dec. 18, 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced the creation of a new staff division, along with the first member in that position.

In GWES’s recent efforts to improve its appearance and influence in the EAS/Weather community, a new GWES Media division has been born.

GWES Media will operate under the GWES name, operating all forms of media representing the group.

This new division will gain control of the GWES ERN Podcast, the new GWES TikTok page, GWES Twitter, and other forms of media not listed here.

GWES Media will be led by Council Member Cameron Seaman, and be the first major division out of the new council leadership system.

Out of these changes, Marley Hollingshead will be the first addition to this division. Known in the community for KALT, Marley is a driving force in the community, with the power to be a great addition to the GWES Staff team.

If you have any suggestions on what GWES can do in this new future for our social media, please let us know! You can let us know on Twitter and TikTok at @GlobalEAS, or on our Discord server.