On December 6th 2022, the Global Weather & EAS Society announced the newest staff member to the group.

Anastasia is the newest Moderator to GWES. Ana is currently the GWES ERN’s Network Development Lead.

Ana has been the center of many products, which benefit ERN.

Her ERN station ERN/WACN is currently the “Eastern Relay Station,” being the primary EAS monitor for those in the eastern United States. Ana also participates in NERP, with her station WACN/NRP.

Currently, Ana is working on the WACN Technologies ASMARA (Automated System for Monitoring and Relaying Alerts). ASMARA is a software ENDEC that allows for theoretically infinite monitors over IP. To learn more about ASMARA, click here.

Ana has been a huge help to GWES ERN, being a major driving force in bringing the network forward.

Welcome Ana to GWES Staff, and we hope you continue to do some amazing things for the community. We look forward to working with you!